Mosaic Releases - 4.0.2 Release Notes

Version 4.0.2 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 26th March 2020.


  • You can now using the Vacancy listing widget to embed adverts for specific job vacancies
  • As a content editor on a site you can now see which embedded apps are available for use on your site*
  • We refactored how some embedded apps are displayed so the app content can be served from the cache, to be able to serve this content during platform maintenance periods
  • We made UI for the page copying functionality in each page's Settings tab easier to understand and use
  • We improved the display of content sub-types in the Manage Content > Content screen and added the ability to filter pages by content sub-types
  • We refactored the 'in-use' check (which looks up where pages/files are being referenced) when deleting pages and content to speed up the deletion of pages and files
  • Re-added the file system URL to the Manage Content > Files screen

*apps are only visible if the embedded apps feature is enabled on the site.

Bug fixes

  • Bulk file deletion now works correctly again
  • Stopped menu items marked as category headers from appearing as links in breadcrumbs
  • Fixed various Footer styling issues, including: making heading fonts and sizing consistent with the page content; improving the display of headings where background images are used in the Footer
  • Corrected the print stylesheet, which wasn't displaying links on first view of print preview in Chrome
  • Corrected metadata text layout in Card item styles when certain alignment options are set
  • Highlight colours in the WYSIWYG weren't being applied to link text; we've corrected this
  • Updated Card item style thumbnails to better reflect their presentation
  • The borders of Card item styles couldn't be toggled off; we've fixed this so the borderless Card style can be used
  • Corrected the layering of some interface elements (including the Sticky menu and Symplectic Publication pop-up), which were incorrectly appearing behind other elements
  • If Mosaic user's University email address changes (to a new Univeristy email address), the email address associated with their account now updates to the new address when the user logs in to the platform after the change is made
  • Fixed the return path of the page Settings 'Cancel' button so using the button will now send you to the page's Edit draft screen
  • Documents embedded in the WYSIWYG now use the file's alias URL, rather than the long system URL
  • Fixed various minor layout issues in several item styles 

Further information 

  • We've done some work to further improve core caching performance
  • Some Drupal modules have been updated