Release notes 5.1.4

Version 5.1.4 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 09/03/2023

New features

This release includes the full launch of the long-awaited new Header styles, with improved accessibility and responsiveness. Please see the linked article for full details, but a summary of changes to your site's configuration is as follows:

  • Sites which had not already made "New Header" active have now been given the default settings for the new Header styles
    • All Site Logos, Menu items and Primary/Secondary Links have been retained, although their display is governed by the default settings for the new headers. If logos or links are not displaying, please check your Site Settings
  • In Site Settings:
    • the Header options previously listed under "New Header" are now listed under "Header"
    • the Header options previously listed under "Header" have now been removed
    • the Search display options have moved into the "Header" section

We're working on updating the Header documentation to reflect the new styles.

In addition to releasing the new Header styles, we have also updated the Font Awesome library to the latest version 5 (v5.15.4) This makes additional icons available (including the TikTok icon).

Bug fixes

  • Text in a WYSIWYG widget which includes the @ symbol will no longer automatically be made into an email (mailto:) link. You can still manually add an email link to any text in a WYSIWYG
  • When node revisions are removed you will no longer see a message asking you to make a donation to the maintainer of Node Revision Delete module
  • The aria-flowto target for the 'Skip link' (Skip to main content) link has been corrected, improving accessibility
  • LinkIt now preserves anchor links (# links), making it easier to insert links to specific sections or widgets within a page. Anchor links also now scroll to the correct place when followed
  • Link text highlighting (e.g. underline) now works properly within lists using Circle Numbered List styling 
  • Saving a page no longer results in a message of "alias in use"