It is important you make your website content as accessible as possible to enable everyone to engage with the information you provide. Online experiences can vary hugely, and be impacted by visual conditions, conditions affecting motor skills, auditory difficulties and cognitive function.

Making Mosaic websites accessible is a shared responsibility between the Oxford Mosaic platform team, who manage all code-related accessibility issues; and website owners and editors, who are responsible for ensuring that content published on their website meets Level-AA standard of WCAG 2.1.

As well as the Oxford Mosaic toolkit, which includes features to help editors make websites accessible — such as colour contrast checking, the University provides guidance to help website owners and content creators ensure their websites meet accessibility standards:

Making images accessible

Digital Accessibility Working Group

The University has formed the Digital Accessibility Working Group to engage relevant staff across the University on digital accessibility. This is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Advocate for Equality and Diversity, Rebecca Surender.

For more information about the Digital Accessibility Working Group, contact your local communications team or email