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The Accordion widget lets you place multiple WYSIWYGs on the page, and allows them to be hidden when the sections they are in are collapsed. Accordions can have an optional 'Expand All' control, e.g the first (Standard width) example.

The Accordion widget only supports one WYSIWYG widget per accordion section. The Advanced Accordion widget is an extension of the Accordion widget, and allows multiple widgets to be placed in its sections.

Width settings

The Accordion widget has three width settings:

  • Standard
  • Full
  • Narrow

Colour configuration

Three Accordion elements can be colour configured:

  • Accordion section header
  • Accordion section header - Focus (when the cursor hovers over the accordion section header)
  • Accordion separator (the narrow space between the accordion section headers)

Font configuration

There is one font configuration option for Accordions:

  • Accordion title
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