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Banner widgets display a single piece of bespoke authored content. Banners are intended to be used in wide page regions.

Banner item styles

Banner widgets can use Breaker, Landscape or Image/text item styles, meaning there are five item styles avaiable to banners:

  • Image Text 75/25
  • Landscape. Text Centre Bottom
  • Landscape. Text Bottom Left
  • Breaker. With Image
  • Breaker. Without Image

Read more about Item Styles in the Mosaic Pattern Book

Video background

Video backgrounds can optionally be set for Banner item styles. Only videos hosted on YouTube can be used as the video background feature uses the YouTube ID to stream the video. Video backgrounds are intended as a decorative feature and should not be used to display videos which need to present content to end users.

Call to Actions

Each Banner item style can have an optional Call to Action.

Width settings

Banner widgets have two width settings:

  • Standard
  • Full
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