Feeds export

RSS and XML feeds can be created to export lists of your Mosaic site's content for use in external systems.

To export site content in RSS and/or XML feeds:


  1. Create an export feed
  2. Share the export feed URL(s)
  1. Go to Manage Content > Feeds screen
  2. Click 'Exported feeds'
    create export feeds in Manage Content > Feeds > 'Exported feeds'
  3. Click 'Create new export feed'
  4. On the 'Create Feed export' screen (below):
    creating an export feed
    1. Add a feed Title
    2. Add a Feed description (optional)
    3. Use the Filtered content options to define the content that is output in the feed. The filter options are the same as those used in listing widget filtering: content type, content subtype (optional) and taxonomy terms (optional)
    4. Choose to export the feed as XML, RSS or both
    5. Click 'Save'
  5. On the Manage Content > Feeds > Exported feeds screen, the information for the feed will appear in the table
  6. Copy the feed's export URL(s) and share with the service or system that wants to display your content. You can also create a text link which uses the feed export URL on one of your site's pages — for example: 'Mosaic Release Notes RSS feed' link on the Mosaic Release Notes page links to an RSS export feed for the release notes.