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The Footer editing options and affiliate logos configuration are accessed via the Footer tab of the Site-wide content area (Manage Content > Site-wide content).


footer settings

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Logos for organisations affiliated with your website can be added to the area immediately above or below the footer.

Footer and affiliate logos

Output on an Oxford Mosaic website: Affiliate logos positioned under the footer


To configure the position of the affiliate logos, use the 'Above footer' and 'Below footer' radio buttons on the Footer tab.

To add a new affiliate logo, click 'Add new affiliate logo'.

Affiliate logo controls

On the Main Content tab on the Create Affiliate logo page:

  1. complete the Title field
  2. If you want the logo to link to another webpage, enter a link title and URL
  3. Upload the logo image via the Media browser
Create affiliate logo page

Affiliate logo sizing

If an image with a height > 120px is uploaded as an affiliate logo, it will be resized to a height of 120px.

If an image with a height ≤ 120px is uploaded, its size will be maintained on the rendered page.

Clicking on the 'Edit footer' button will load the Edit Footer page, where the footer appearance can be edited. Below are descriptions of the features of the footer edit page that are unique to footer editing.


As is the case when editing content created from scratch (i.e. not from a template), you can select layout options for the footer. Five layout options are available; each layout comprises two rows, with the bottom row consisting of a single full-width region.

Footer layout options

Footer setup

This tab allows you to input a custom title for the Footer. The title is set to 'Footer'  by default and is only used for reference - it does not appear on the rendered page.


As with page editing, any of the widgets provided in the toolkit can be inserted into a footer region.

Mandatory Content

When a site is provisioned, it includes mandatory content in the form of the following four pages:

These pages are required under the policies governing University of Oxford websites and must not be removed from your site. Copyright and Picture credits are provided blank when your site is provisioned for you to customise with the appropriate statement for your website. If your website includes specific requirements relating to the other topics, you should add this information also..

*Header top bar and footer background image configuration is available to Site Owners via Site Settings > Advanced

A background image can be applied to the main footer. When applied, the background image overrides the colour setting that is set for the main footer background; the text colour setting still applies. The background image is set to tile (repeat) across the region it has been placed in. Therefore, if a small image is uploaded, it will repeat to fill the area.

Please note that when placing a background image, you need to consider the legibility of the text that will appear on top of it. To ensure text legibility, we recommend that you:

  • use images that are either mostly dark or mostly light (avoid images which are mostly mid-tone)
  • set the text colour of the text appropriately (i.e. very dark text on a light image, or very light text on a dark image)
  • once in place, review your background image / text colour combination to assess the legibility

Add a footer background image

To add a background image to the main footer:

  • Site-wide content > Footer > 'Select a footer background image'
  • on the Site Settings - Background images page, under the 'Footer background image' section, use 'Browse' to select an image from the Media Browser or upload a new image
    header top bar and footer background image settings
  • once the preview has loaded, click 'Save configuration'

Platform branding

At the bottom of every page in Mosaic is the platform branding (below). This consists of a white band across the full width of the page, containing the Oxford Mosaic and University of Oxford IT Services logos. The branding region cannot be edited or removed, and is required to be visible, according to the platform's 'Terms of Usage and Service Specific Requirements' in the SLA.

Oxford Mosaic platform branding

Oxford Mosaic platform branding