Reusable content

User level (creating): Site Owner; Site Administrator; Site Editor

User level (using): Site Owner; Site Administrator; Site Editor; Site Author; Site Contributor


Reusable content allows a Site Owner/Administrator/Editor to create a block of content containing one or more widgets in a particular configuration, which can be displayed on multiple pages across the site. The widgets in the reusable content block can be updated or changed and all the pages referencing the block will display the changes.

Site Owners, Administrators and Editors can create, edit and remove reusable content blocks. All users roles can implement reusable content blocks on pages they are editing.

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reusable content management
  • Go to Manage ContentReusable Content screen.
  • On the Reusable Content screen all existing reusable content items will be listed, along with information about which pages they are displayed on.
  • To create a new item click 'Create a new reusable content item'
  • Enter a title for the reusable content - this is what people using the content on pages will see when they are selecting it
  • Enter a description for the reusable content. It is helpful to describe what is in the reusable content so people can see at a glance what it is being used for, e.g. 'A WYSIWYG with a gallery introduction, a gallery of images and a banner with a link to the events booking system'
  • Add one or more widgets into the reusable content field and configure them as needed
  • Click 'Save'. Following this, the newly-created reusable content item will be displayed.

If reusable content has been created on a site, a content editor will have the option of adding a Reusable content widget to a page. The Reusable content widget appears in the 'Advanced authoring' section of the widget list.

To implement a reusable content block on a page:

  • In a page's edit mode, go to the page region where the reusable block will be added
  • Select the Reusable content widget from the widget list and add it to the page
  • A dropdown list will display the titles of all of the reusable content items available on the site. A 'View' button appears next to the dropdown list. Site Owners, Administrators and Editors will see an 'Edit' button; clicking this will take the user to the item's edit screen
    reusable content widget - item selection
  • Select the item from the dropdown and Save the edits
  • The reusable content block will be displayed in the area of the page it was added to