Site statistics

⚠  The Site Statistics page within Site Settings has been deprecated and will be removed at the end of June 2023. This is due to a change imposed by Google Analytics. More information was communicated to users on 17 May 2023 and can be found in an article about Universal Analytics changes. We will continue to update Mosaic documentation to reflect the changes.

User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator


Site Statistics for the past 30 days

The Mosaic platform has a Google Analytics Tracking ID associated with it. We use the results generated from this tracking ID to populate a basic site statistics page specific to each Mosaic website.

The statistics on the Site Statistics page are not generated in real time; they are updated daily and it can take a day or so for the statistics to become available for a new website. If you want to get more statistics or generate reports on your site statistics you can sign up for a Google Analytics account and add your site's Google Analyics Tracking ID to the Google Analytics section in site settings.