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User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator


The Site Theme tab provides controls for site-wide appearance settings.

Site Theme tab in Site Settings

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Access the Colour management and Font management settings using the buttons on the Site Theme tab.

Select whether the Header and Footer will span the full width of the browser window (option 1), or whether they will have a maximum width of 1728px (option 2). If option 2 is set, the page background will be visible at the vertical edges of the window, when the window resolution is greater than 1728px wide.

Option 1: Full width header/footer

Full width header/footer

Output on a Mosaic site: Option 1 - Full width header/footer


Option 2: Maximum width of header/footer limited to 1728px

Header/footer limited to a maximum width

Output on a Mosaic site: Option 2 - Header/footer limited to a maximum width


Margin sizes

Set the top and bottom margins (amount of space above and below) for the page titles on the site. There are three options: none; single (16px); double (32px).


Select whether the page titles on the site appear on the left of the page or in the centre.

The favicon is the icon that represents the website in instances such as browser tabs and bookmarks.

The Oxford Mosaic favicon

Output on a Mosaic site: the Oxford Mosaic favicon

Use the favicon controls to select a favicon for your site. By default, the Oxford Mosaic favicon is selected; the Univeristy logo is also available as a favicon. Alternatively, upload a custom favicon using the custom favicon option.

Favicon controls