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The Tabbed Content widget lets you place multiple WYSIWYGs on the page in a tabbed layout, so only one of the WYSIWYGs is visible at any one time, depending on the selected tab.

Tabbed Content widgets can have optional icons in the tab label, e.g the second (full width) example.

The Tabbed Content widget only supports one WYSIWYG widget per tab. The Advanced Tabbed Content widget is an extension of the Tabbed Content widget, and allows multiple widgets to be placed in its tabs.

Width settings

The Tabbed Content widget has two width settings:

  • Standard
  • Full

Colour configuration

Three Tabbed Content elements can be colour configured:

  • Tab label
  • Tab label - Focus (when the cursor hovers over the tab label)
  • Tab label - Selected (the label of the currently-viewed tab)

Font configuration

There is one font configuration option for Tabbed Content:

  • Tab label

In Progress

Documentation of this item is in progress. In the meantime, please see our Pattern Book website or Help materials for other sources of information.

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