Oxford Mosaic

IT Services has built an exciting new web platform for the University and this platform and the public preview has now been launched!

This means that early adopters are now able to request sites on the new platform - in fact we already have a number of sites live on the public preview. The next phase is general availability when the platform will be underpinned by a comprehensive support and training model;  this is currently planned for early 2017.

Simple but flexible

Simple but flexible

We have kept our platform simple to allow people with little or no web content management experience to build beautiful web sites that look fantastic on a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

A number of inbuilt content types make it quick and easy for you to publish information about your staff and students, articles and publications, news, events and more.

Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

Our platform is hosted in the cloud with Acquia who provide 24/7 support to help ensure your website is available all the time.  Acquia host some of the most secure sites in the world, including whitehouse.gov, and help us keep your site secure from hackers and script kiddies.

We have built our platform to scale: our architecture is based on plans to run 1000’s of separate sites within the next few years.

High quality but cost effective

cost effective

New sites can select from a number of high quality designs, including a choice of Oxford branded designs, which are fully responsive to mobile devices.  The platform is also regularly tested to ensure the sites support accessibility standards.

We are still working through the funding and charging model for this platform, with a commitment to keep this very cost effective at point of use.

Shared and continually evolving

Constantly evolving

Our platform will grow over time, with new features added to support new websites.  Even better, these new features will be shared with existing customers at no extra cost.

Integration and shared content will play a big role in our platform: we have already implemented the capability to share content and searches across sites and integrated Symplectic into Oxford Mosaic. Other Oxford system integrations are in the pipeline.

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