Mosaic Release - 5.0.5 Release Notes

Version 5.0.5 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 19th January 2023 (postponed from 12th January).

Bug Fixes

  • Symplectic's overnight sync of publications will now fail more gracefully if the API is unavailable.
  • An intermittent issue where Menu items sometimes failed to display for SSO users without an editing role has now been fixed.
  • When copying shared content:
    • Call to Action links on shared Events now point to the correct location 
    • Images now copy across to the new site successfully without duplication or loss of references
    • Copied content no longer displays the message that "this content was created in another site. You cannot edit it." (Once content has been copied, it can be edited on the consuming site. For more information, please see our documentation: Sharing and copying content)
  • An ARIA role has been added to Date Picker fields, to improve accessibility 
  • Minor issues with the new version of the Mosaic Header have been fixed:
    • Menu items are now capitalised correctly
    • Breadcrumbs are correctly positioned on smaller breakpoints
    • SVG logos without internal dimensions are displayed
    • Non-SVG desktop logos are correctly resized (to 115px)
    • Mobile sticky header no longer moves the secondary links area on scroll

Further information

  • ReCAPTCHA keys are now required for the "Was this page useful?" form (as they have been for all other forms since May 2021). For more information, please see our documentation on reCAPTCHA setup.
  • Search terms should now be trackable in Google Analytics. Search URLs now include a query parameter called "search" which has the terms being searched for as its value; these searches will appear in Google Analytics 4 profiles with search tracking turned on.
  • MS Forms sometimes requires scrolling to view the whole form. This has been investigated and unfortunately is a known limitation of embedding Forms; there are currently no plans to fix this.
  • Drupal Core has been updated to version 7.92
  • 5 Drupal modules have been updated.