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All Mosaic sites are provisioned with a platform address using the following format:

<your site's domain prefix> This address is tied to the Mosaic platform and cannot be taken elsewhere to use with a non-Mosaic site if you decide to leave the platform. If the .web address is your primary domain and you decide to leave the Mosaic platform, you can use the redirects functionality to maintain search engine optimisation during the transition to a new site. You can find out more about this on the URLs and redirects documentation.

It is possible to add up to 2 custom domains that your site can be accessible from. 

Before entering a custom domain name on the Domains screen, ensure that it has been registered with the University's Domains Registrar and has been properly configured to point to the Mosaic platform's server. Further information on using custom domain names on Oxford Mosaic sites and how University policy applies is available at:

Domains configuration

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If you want to use a custom domain with your site and have not yet registered it, you can request a domain using the form linked (1) to the Domains screen.

This information box displays the domain currently set as the primary domain. If a custom domain is added to a Mosaic site, the primary domain can be selected using the 'Is primary domain?' checkbox (4).

Once a new domain has been registered with the University's Domains Registrar, it can be added to the Mosaic site by enterring it into the 'Domain Name' input field (3).

The new domain will only become functional to users once the domain has been configured to point to the Mosaic platform's server. Details about the process of setting up a new domain for a Mosaic site can be found on the page.

Use this checkbox to make a custom domain the primary domain for the site. If a custom domain has been added to the Domains screen for it to be the site's public-facing address, the domain should be marked as the primary domain.