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User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator; (optional other roles)


The main menu is the main navigational aid within a Mosaic site. The main menu determines not only what links appear in the navigation bar in your site's header, but also sub-navigation menus and breadcrumb paths. On the Main menu screen links can be added, removed, and repositioned within the navigation.

Main menu configuration

Click on 'Save configuration' to go back to Manage ContentSite-wide content

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There are two methods to add a link to the navigation:

  • Use the 'Menu settings' screen in the edit mode of the page you intend to link to the navigation (in page edit mode > Settings > Menu options). This is the recommended way to configure a navigation link.
  • Use the 'Add link' function in the Main menu screen (in Manage ContentSite-wide content > Main menu). This method is documented below:

Clicking on the 'Add link' button on the Main menu configuration screen will open the link administration screen.

Main menu 'add link' screen


To add a link:

  1. Provide the link text.
  2. Input the path to the page. This must be given in the form 'node/[node ID]'. To find the node ID, go to the page that will be linked, enter edit mode, and copy the 'node/[number]' portion of the URL (see below), then paste this text into the 'Path' field.
    Main menu find node ID
  3. Select a position for the link in the navigation structure by identifying its parent link. If the link is for a top-level page, the parent link will be the site title (the item in angle-brackets in the 'Parent link' dropdown list).
    Main menu select link parent item
  4. Click 'Save' (the other fields on the form are not mandatory and can be ignored).

Drag and drop links to where you want them to appear in the navigation structure.

Link order

To change the position of a link, click and hold the multi-direction icon to the left of the link title (2), drag the link to the desired position in the navigation structure. When in position, release the mouse button.

Change link position in the hierarchy

The level of the link in the navigation hierarchy can be changed by dragging the link horizontally to indent its position under the desired parent item, e.g. below, 'Second Page' is a top-level link; 'First sub-page' is a second-level link; 'Fourteenth Page' is a third-level link.

Main menu link levels in the hierarchy

When a navigation link is created, it is enabled by default. If a link needs to be removed from the navigation temporarily (and be reinstated in the future), it can be disabled using the 'Enabled' checkbox (3).

A navigation link can be edited using the 'Edit' function (4). Clicking this feature will open the administration page for the link.

The 'Delete' function (5) allows users to delete links from the navigation.