Page Editing

User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator; Site Editor; Site Author; Site Contributor


The Page Edit screen is where all page level editing is done. This encompassess page metadata (e.g. page title, listing information, event date, article author, menu settings) and page content (i.e. text, images and media visible on the page).

page edit screen

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Since the introduction of Content Worklow, page editing controls are located in the page editing menu.

The page editing menu is located below the main admin menu and it contains:

  • The 'Edit page' link to the full page edit mode
  • The Quickedit control (visible to Site Administrators, Editors and Authors) - see information below about enabling Quickedit
  • Information about the Published status of the page, and whether it is currently being viewed
  • Information about the Draft/Needs review status of the page, and whether it is currently being viewed
page editing menu

Output on a Mosaic site: Page editing menu

Enabling Quickedit

If a Published version of a page exists and there is no Draft or Needs review version, you can edit using Quickedit.

Quickedit is enabled via the page editing menu:

Quickedit in the page editing menu

Quickedit in the page editing menu


If a Draft or Needs review version of the page exists, Quickedit will not be available and the following message is displayed when a user attempts to use Quickedit.

Quickedit unavailable message when draft is in progress

Quickedit unavailable message when draft is in progress

Revisionable and non-revisionable page content is separated on the page edit screen into sub-sections: New/Edit draft; Moderate; Settings.

Draft Moderate and Settings tabs in the page edit mode

Draft, Moderate and Settings tabs in page edit mode

New/Edit draft [revisionable]

The New/Edit draft screen contains revisionable content - i.e. page content that can exist in a draft, separately from a published version of a page.

Sections on the New/Edit draft screen:

  • Layout - One column; Two column; Two column, narrow left; Two column, narrow right; Four column
  • Details - Custom background image; Content sub-type; [Page] Title; Taxonomies; Listing information; Sidebar menu control
  • Region 1 - Widget selection
  • Region 2* - Widget selection
  • Region 3* - Widget selection
  • Region 4* - Widget selection
  • Region 5* - Widget selection
  • Region 6* - Widget selection

*Visibility depends on the page layout that is selected.


The Moderate screen allows viewing of and reversion to previous versions of the page content. See Content Worfklow documentation for information about moderation.

Settings [non-revisionable]

The Settings screen contains the page's non-revisionable information. If a change is made to a page's Settings, these changes are effected when the page is saved in any state (Draft; Review; Publish; Schedule publish).

Configuration options on the Settings screen:

  • Menu settings - Provide menu link option; Menu link title; Parent item; Weight (for link positioning)
  • URL path settings - Generate automatic URL alias (based on page title) option; text field for new URL alias
  • Access control - Button to access control settings (set Oxford-only access to a page - if you have this enabled for your site)
  • Authoring information

Buttons to Delete content and Copy a page are also located in this section.