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Shared Search allows content present on one Mosaic website appear in search results on another Mosaic website.

How to enable Shared Search

You can enable Shared Search on a site by making a change request via the form linked to (1) from the Shared Search tab. Shared Search functionality is applied when a Site Owner or Site Administrator requests the ability to search across content on a site/sites other than their own.

If a site (e.g. Site A) enables shared search and requests the ability to search content on another site (e.g. Site B), Site B is not automatically able to search across content on Site A. To enable reciprocal shared searching, both sites need to enable Shared Search.

Shared Search change request link

Shared Search change request form

Shared Search change request form

(2) Type of config change required: 'Enable shared search' is the default and only setting for this field.

(3) Please select the sites that you would like to add to your search collection: Select the site(s) whose content you would like to add to your search results.

(4) When would you like this change to come into effect?: This is a descriptive text field to help the Web Platform Team assess your request. 'As soon as possible' is the default input but it can be edited.

Shared search enabled

Once Shared Search is enabled on your site, the Shared Search tab will display the following information:

Shared Search enabled

(1) The Mosaic sites that your site can search across, known as your search collection.

(2) To make a change to the sites in your search collection, use the change request form to update the sites listed in your collection.

(3) Enable search scope options on your site's search boxes. This enables users limit searches to your site or to search across all sites in your search collection. To implement shared search on your site, you must check this box.

Search scope options on the search box

Output on a Mosaic site: Search scope radio buttons

(4) Edit the label of the "All sites" radio button. The label is limited to 20 characters, including spaces.

Widgets can be added above or below the list of results on the search results page.

To add page content above or below the search results:

  • first, a Resusable Content item needs to be created for the area(s) in which page content should appear
  • go to Site Settings > Search
  • in the appropriate dropdown list (for selecting a reusable content item to appear at the top or bottom of the search results page), select the Reusable Content item that you want to use
    search results page content selection
  • click 'Save settings'