Simple feedback form

User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator; Site Editor; Site Author

The Simple feedback form widget allows you to add a simple web form to your site for gathering feedback from users, which is emailed to an address of your choosing.

Simple feedback form widget edit form

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reCAPTCHA protection is now enabled by default on Simple feedback forms. Therefore, a reCAPTCHA needs to be setup on your site before using the Simple feedback form widget. See the reCAPTCHA setup documentation for guidance.

Note: pre-existing Simple feedback forms are not yet protected by reCAPTCHA. This is to allow Site Owners and Administrators with existing forms time to configure reCAPTCHA on their sites. The Mosaic Platform team will send a notification to platform users when reCAPTCHA protection is due to be enabled on pre-existing simple feedback forms.

In this field you should add the email address to which you want submitted form responses to be sent.

In this field you can optionally add a title for the form. This will be displayed above the form.

In this field, you can add a subject line for the email you will receive from a form submission, e.g. "Response from MyMosaicSite feedback form". This field is optional, but if no subject is provided then the email will arrive with a subject line of "(No subject)", which may make it more likely to be flagged as junk email.


When margins are applied to widgets, a space of 32px appears above/below the widget.

Top margin: Add/remove top margin on the widget

Bottom margin: Add/remove bottom margin on the widget.


Three widget widths exist in Mosaic. Not all width settings are available to each widget.

Narrow width

Available to: WYSIWYG

The widget content is displayed at 66.67% width of the page region containing the widget.

Standard width

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The widget content is displayed at 100% width of the page region containing the widget.

Full width

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Full width settings include augmented styles for some widgets, e.g. Full width for Carousel widgets includes 'peeking' (the edges of Carousel items adjacent to the currently viewed items are visible).