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User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator


Site Details provides a high-level overview of the key information relating to the website.

Site Details

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The Site title field is mandatory but you can choose whether or not to display the site title text in the header. If you are going to upload a custom site logo, which includes a site title, you might want to avoid displaying the site title in text form.

You can input text for a site subtitle and choose whether or not to display the subtitle text in the header.

Set the email address for all correspondence transmitted via the site.

Identify and set the site's Homepage by inputting the page's URL alias. On newly-provisioned sites, the Homepage path is set to 'home' by default.

The Site Owner's name and email address are displayed on this tab. Use the request change of site owner form, linked to from this admin page, to change the Site Owner.

Click on the 'View your current usage and tier level' button to view your site's usage report.

Screenshot of updated charging and billing table

The site usage report is updated monthly.

  1. Site title.
  2. Charging report: each row shows data per month. This has also been applied to data which was previously shown per quarter.
  3. Page requests. This column shows a zero entry after June 2023 due to the deprecation of the Mosaic Platform site statistics tracker. Charging metrics are explained on the pricing page.
  4. Disk usage (Mb): this is updated in real time so you can see the impact of any additions or deletions you make in Manage Content
  5. Page count: this is updated in real time.
  6. Usage Tier: this is the usage tier that the site falls under based on the metrics. The table is colour-coded to signpost when a site is nearing the limit of the current charging tier. This enables a Site Owner to take prompt action to reduce the size of their site, as appropriate.
  7. Charging Tier: this is the tier that the site is being charged at. More information about charging tiers can be found on Mosaic Pricing.

The lifetime for cached pages is 7 days. Pages which have not been edited during this period will be purged from the server cache at the end of the 7 days. After this time, if one of these pages is requested, a copy will be cached again.

This is the current stable release number for the live Mosaic platform.