Taxonomy administration

User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator; (optional other roles)


On the Taxonomy administration screen (accessible from the Taxonomies screen) you can manage your site's custom taxonomies.

A maximum of 15 custom taxonomies can be created for your site.

Taxonomy administration

Taxonomy administration screen


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How to create a custom taxonomy:

  • Click 'Create a new custom taxonomy' ((1), on the Taxonomy administration screenshot above)
  • Name the taxonomy ((1), below)
  • Choose whether it will be a ‘controlled taxonomy’ or not ((2), see below)
  • Choose which content types the taxonomy will apply to (3)
  • Create terms for the taxonomy (see section (3) 'Managing custom taxonomies')
Create new taxonomy configuration

Create new custom taxonomy screen

Controlled taxonomies (2)

A controlled taxonomy is a taxonomy for which terms can only be added via the Taxonomy administration screen, i.e. only by Site Owners and Site Administrators.

Unchecking the 'Controlled taxonomy?' option allows terms to be applied to the content and added to the taxonomy during page editing (in the Setup tab > 'Taxonomies' section).

In the screenshot below the 'Tell me about' taxonomy (1) is an uncontrolled taxonomy. Any user with the ability to edit this page (which could include Editors, Authors and Contributors) can either:

  • apply the terms already listed in the taxonomy to the content;
  • specify a new term for the taxonomy, which will be applied to the content and added to the terms list when the settings are saved.

By comparison, the 'User role' taxonomy (2) is a controlled taxonomy. Terms listed for the taxonomy can be applied to the content but new terms can only be added on the 'List the terms for "[taxonomy name]"' screen (see section (3) 'Managing custom taxonomies').

Controlled taxonomies

Page edit mode: Setup > Controlled and uncontrolled taxonomies

Choose which content type the taxonomy applies to (3)

Some taxonomies might only be relevant to content of one, two, or three types. You can specify which content types the new taxonomy should apply to in the Create new custom taxonomy screen. These settings can be edited later on the Taxonomy administration screen.

The Authors Taxonomy ((2) on the Taxonomy administration screenshot) is the only in-built taxonomy on a Mosaic site. The terms for this taxonomy are the names of authors of Article content on the site.

The Authors Taxonomy only applies to Article content. Terms are automatically added to the taxonomy when content is created using the Article content type and an author name is added to the article (in the article's edit mode: Details tab > 'Taxonomies' > 'Author' input field).

Current custom taxonomy

Taxonomy administration screen: Current custom taxonomy

View and edit the terms for a taxonomy (1)

You can view the list of terms for a taxonomy by clicking the 'List the terms for "[taxonomy name]"" link on the Taxonomy administration screen.

On the list of terms screen, the order of terms can be reorganised using the multidirectional arrows to the left of the terms. New terms can be added using the 'Add term' button.

Current taxonomy list of terms

List of taxonomy terms page


By clicking on the 'Add term' button, the screen pictured below will load. The term name (1) is mandatory; a description of the term is optional.

Current taxonomy add a term

Add new taxonomy term screen


Once the new term has been saved, the add term screen (above) will reload to allow another term to be added. To navigate back to the list of terms, click on the 'List' tab at the top of the add term screen.

Current taxonomy details (2)

The current taxonomy details are the details defined on the Create new taxonomy screen (see section (1) 'Create a new custom taxonomy').