Mosaic Release - 3.0.17 Release Notes

Version 3.0.17 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 16 May 2019.

New features

  • Where content subtypes are displayed in listing widget item styles, they are now always displayed in uppercase
  • Sidebar navigation items can be set to uppercase, so you can match your main menu's uppercase settings
  • Primary header links can be moved to the left of the header top bar, to sit next to site logo
  • Image captions can now include links, italic, and bold formatting by adding the relevant HTML tags

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a colour configuration for the header row/column of tables in the WYSIWYG widget. You can now control background colour of table headers in Standard Colour Management, as well as Advanced Colour Management
  • The 'Linear' tab style is now responsive at smaller screen sizes: when the width of 'Linear' tabs exceeds the width of mobile and tablet screen sizes, the tabs can be scrolled sideways
  • Images and logos are now responsive in Footers
  • Tile. Lanscape 50/50 item style now optionally displays listing- and tertiary-text
  • Pages created by copying another page are now given the correct page title
  • User ID is now correctly logged in the page edit's Moderate tab, next to page revisions created by scheduled publishing

Other updates

  • A security update was applied to Drupal Core on 8 May 2019