Section search

Section search needs to be enabled for your site before it can be used

Contact the Mosaic team to ask for section search to be enabled.



To setup Section search, the following components need to be in place:

Once Section search is enabled for your site, the 'Search' taxonomy will be listed on the Taxonomy Administration screen as one of your site's taxonomies. It is an 'uncontrolled' taxonomy, which means terms can be added to the taxonomy either: via the Taxonomy Administration screen; or in the page editing screen's Details tab (for each page). See the documentation about adding taxonomy terms.

The taxonomy needs to have at least one term and the term will need to be added to all pages you want to include in the section search queries.

To add the term to a page:

  1. Go to the page's editing screen
  2. Go to the Details tab > 'Taxonomies' section
  3. Scroll down to the 'Search taxonomy' input field
  4. Start typing the name of the taxonomy term you want to add to the site. If the term has already been added to the taxonomy, the autocomplete will display the term in a dropdown list for you to pick (see example below)
    adding a search taxonomy term to a page

    Adding a search taxonomy term to a page

  5. Select the term and save the page edits (as Draft/Needs review/Publish now)
  1. Make sure there are terms in your site's 'Search' taxonomy — see the section above
  2. Go to Site Settings > Search tab > Search scopes section > click the link to 'manage your Search scopes'
  3. Select the search scope type: 'Section search'
    creating a section search scope

    Creating a section search scope

  4. Select the search taxonomy term that you added to your pages [see 1 in the example above]
  5. Provide text for the search scope label [2 in the example above]. If you set your section search scope to appear on the search results page, the label will be displayed in the tab for the search scope
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. An entry for the section search will appear in the search scope summary table
  1. Go to the page editing screen > one of the page Region tabs
  2. Select 'Section search' from the list of widget's
  3. Click 'Add another widget'
  4. On the widget editing screen, select the section search scope from the dropdown list [1 in the example below]
    in the widget's editing interface, select the section search scope from the dropdown list

    Select the section search scope from the dropdown list


  5. Click 'Save'
  6. The section search input will be visible on the page and can be used by visitors to run search queries (see section search example below)
    example of section search results

    Example of section search results