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User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator

Required user role: Form Builder


Advanced webform functionality is available for Mosaic sites on request.

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Webform functionality is not available to Mosaic sites by default. To use Webforms on your site, the following needs to be done:

  1. a Google Recaptcha needs to be setup for the site (follow the steps in the 'Setup Google Recaptcha' section)
  2. the Recaptcha's Site key and Secret key need to be input on the Site Settings > Form spam protection tab (follow the steps in the 'Setup Google Recaptcha' section)
  3. the Site Owner or Site Administrator needs to request the Webform functionality by emailing oxfordmosaic@it.ox.ac.uk

Note: you will need a Google account to complete the reCAPTCHA setup. If you do not have one, you can create one during the setup process.

  1. Go to Site Settings > Form spam protection tab
    Form spam protection tab
  2. Click the ‘Google Recaptcha’ link - it's helpful to open the Google reCAPTCHA pages in a new browser tab as you'll need to switch back to the Site Settings during the setup process
  3. On the Google reCAPTCHA page, click the 'My reCAPTCHA' button in the top-right of the screen. By clicking on the button, you'll be prompted to login using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one at this point
    myrecaptcha button
  4. Once you have logged in, create a new reCAPTCHA in the 'Register a new site' section:
    recaptcha register a new site

    Google reCAPTCHA registration options

    • Add an optional Label to identify your reCAPTCHA
    • Choose 'reCAPTCHA v2' > 'Checkbox'
    • In the 'Domains' field, add each of your site's domain(s) - one per line
    • Accept the Terms of Service
    • Click 'Register'
  5. Under the 'Keys' section of the next page of the reCAPTCHA setup, copy and paste the 'Site key' and 'Secret key' (see below) into the 'Recaptcha site key' and 'Recaptcha secret key' fields in the Site Settings > Form spam protection tab
    recaptcha keys

    Recaptcha keys (mocked up) on the Google reCAPTCHA setup page

Once reCAPTCHA is setup for your site, it can be added to each webform individually. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the end user-facing view of the webform: Manage Content > Webforms screen > click on the title of the webform you want to add reCAPTCHA to
  2. At the bottom of the form, above the 'Submit' button, is a field for enabling CAPTCHA on the form. Click on the 'Place a CAPTCHA here for anonymous users' link:
    place a captcha on a webform
  3. On the CAPTCHA point administration screen, select 'reCAPTCHA' from the 'Challenge type' dropdown list, and Save:
    captcha point administration
  4. reCAPTCHA will now be enabled on the form:
    captcha enabled field on webform

    CAPTCHA field on a webform, as viewed by a logged-in user

    recaptcha viewed by an anonymous user

    reCAPTCHA field on a webform, as viewed by an anonymous user


When webforms functionality is enabled on a site, a Form Builder user role becomes available to give to users (see Users > 'Add' new user/Edit current user).

In order for a user to create or edit a webform, they must be given the Form Builder role.

Once the Form Builder role is associated with a user, a Webforms screen will be visible in Manage Content. Webforms are created and managed within the Webforms screen.

Once forms have been created they will be listed on this screen, where you can view, analyse, and download submissions. Forms' editing screens can be accessed from this screen.

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