Mosaic Release - 3.1.3 Release Notes

Version 3.1.3 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 26 September 2019.

New features

  • It is now possible to upload .wav files to your site and display them using audio player controls
  • To improve the display of Banners on mobile devices, the height of Banner widgets responds to the size browser window/device the Banner is being viewed on
  • For Events listed using the Tile Portrait. No Rollover item style, the event end date (if supplied) can be output in the descriptive text of the listing item
  • 'Wide' site width now exists: you can set the content container (which contains all page content) to 1920px wide (standard width is 1728px) using the new setting in Site Settings > Site Theme
  • Listing and Tertiary text displayed in List listing and Slideshow (advanced) widgets is now truncated at viewport sizes under 1400px. The truncated text is followed by an ellipsis. See the Further information (below) for details of the number of characters displayed in the Listing and Tertiary text
  • You can choose whether a taxonomy and its terms are exposed to website visitors by the Taxonomy terms display widget. This is controlled on the Taxonomy administration screen

Bug fixes

  • The publication date of Articles created using a template now default to the date the page is created from the template, not the date the template was created
  • Mobile search was previously not submitting correctly on some devices, this has now been fixed
  • The Font management preview modal now correctly displays with selected settings
  • For events displayed using the Landscape. Text Bottom Left item style, the event date now correctly displays within the item's text area

Further information

  • Drupal modules have been updated

Truncation of Listing and Tertiary text

The truncation of Listing and Tertiary text applies to 3 item stylesLandscape.Text Centre Bottom; Breaker with Image; and Landscape.Text Bottom Left. The amount of text displayed before it is truncated differs between the Listing and Tertiary text and depends on the viewport size the page is being viewed at. See the table below for information about how many characters are displayed in the three item styles.

  Landscape.Text Centre Bottom / Breaker with Image Landscape.Text Bottom Left
Viewport size Listing text truncation Tertiary text truncation Listing text truncation Tertiary text truncation
> 1400px All input text displayed n/a All input text displayed All input text displayed
< 1400px > 1200px 165 characters n/a 165 characters 60 characters
< 1200px > 767px 135 characters n/a 135 characters 50 characters
< 767px 100 characters n/a 100 characters 40 characters