Features and benefits


Font and colour configuration

Oxford Mosaic has extensive font and colour configuration, allowing you to provide a unique visual identity to your site. We use a contrast colour checker to ensure all content is presented with sufficient contrast and provide a range of Google fonts to put you in charge of the typography of your site.

A range of widgets

Mosaic provides a range of widgets to enble users to present and arrange content and provide functionality, including slideshows, carousels, image galleries, tabbed content, accordions, publication listings and custom forms.

Single Sign On enabled

Mosaic is integrated with the University's Single Sign On, allowing you to control access to content and delegate content management to colleagues without the need for yet another username.

Symplectic integration

Symplectic Elements is integrated into Mosaic, meaning you can automatically pull an individual's or group's list of publications into your site.


Oxford Mosaic allows you to share content between Mosaic sites; manage content such as lecture lists in one place and reuse in as many sites as you wish. Oxford Mosaic is also able to search across multiple Mosaic sites, enabling your site's search to return results for whichever Oxford Mosaic sites you wish.



Mosaic has been introduced specifically to provide University units and projects with the most cost-effective method of providing an engaging, accessible and usable web presence.


Our platform is hosted in the cloud with Acquia who provide 24/7 support to help ensure your website is available all the time. Acquia host some of the most secure sites in the world and help us keep your site secure.

Backed up

All of our sites are backed up regularly on our hosting service, the Acquia cloud.


Oxford Mosaic is a fully supported Web publishing platform. We provide dedicated support, automatic security updates, training courses and user workshops.


Oxford Mosaic is built to work across a range of devices, to ensure your that your site is usable and accessible on mobiles, tablets and desktops.